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Sat Nov 26 20:36:08 EST 1994

In article <3anuek$1auq at> you write:
>I recently heard that the virology research lab that opened in Metro 
>Toronto is one of three "supercontainment" facilities in North America. 
>The lab was reportedly completed five years ago, but is opening now.
>How far has technology advanced since the lab was completed, and how many 
>similar facilities are there in the world?
>Saleem Khan

I am very glad you have posted this information and asked this
question, I hope people in various countries will share with us
knowledge of these facilities.  In the US there are 4 that I know

1. Army Biological warfare labs at Fort Dietrich Maryland. I think
this facility is shared by the FCRF.  It was opened around 1977.

2. CDC in Atlanta Georgia

3. NIH in Bethesda Maryland.

4. USDA Animal Disease Center Plum Island New York.  Was offensive
   biological warfare center until 1970.

The Army wanted to build an additional facility at fort Dugway Utah,
but was stopped by legal action by Jeremy Rivkin.

I do not know how much the regulations or technology has changed over
time, since the first ones were made pre 1970.

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