This year's Influenza?

Ryan W. Shroyer shroyer1 at
Mon Nov 28 09:36:32 EST 1994

	Please excuse any ignorance I might display, for I'm not as learned in
biology as perhaps I should be.  But, I've a question concerning the influenza
virus.  Which virus is making its rounds this year?  (i.e. H1 N1, H2 N2, H3 N2,
etc?)  What unique risks does this particular "strain" pose?  Is there anything
dangerously different about this year's culprit aside from the expected 
antigenic drifts?  
	I've just finished reading "A Dancing Matrix: Voyages along the viral
frontier", and have found my intense ardor for microbiology re-emerging.  I am
about to begin Robert Gallo's "Virus Hunting", and have heard good things about
Preston's "The Hot Zone" and Laurie Garrett's "The Coming Plague".  If anyone
could give me their two-cents on these titles, or recommend something 
completely different, I'd be most grateful.  Your time is very much

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