P4 facilities

Ulrich Melcher umelcher at BMB-FS1.BIOCHEM.OKSTATE.EDU
Wed Nov 30 14:04:21 EST 1994

Class 4 viral agents are:
Ebola fever
Monkey pox
Hemorrhagic fever agents (several)
Herpesvirus simiae (Monkey B )
Tick borne encephalitis complex
Yellow fever

This list is abbreviated from Federal Register July 5, 1994 Guidelines for 
Research involving Recombinant DNA Molecules,  Appendix B-IV-D.

In message <D03984.B2B at umassd.edu>  writes:
> Does anyone know of a list of viruses that are only to be studied in a
> P4 facility?
> Michael J. Zanis
> UMass at Dartmouth

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