Retroviral U5 region

kenneth garson cancer research kgarson at
Wed Sep 7 20:39:22 EST 1994

I am interested (possibly) in tampering with the U5 region of the MoLV
LTR. Is anyone aware of functional regions within the U5 region? Is the U5
region of the proviral LTR merely the sequence between the 3' end of the
processed genomic RNA and the primer binding site, or does it have specific
function. Does it function as a transcriptional terminator ( or
transcriptional pausing for the purists)?

I am more interested in results of experiments as opposed to conjecture as
to what roles U5 may play. Is anything known?

I look forward to a few replies!

Ken Garson
Cancer Research Group
University of Ottawa
Ontario, Canada
kgarson at

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