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Fri Sep 23 05:40:49 EST 1994

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>does anyone know if this ideia has been looked into with the study of
>the hiv virus lets say one can clone ones t-cell witch i know can be
>done but grow them with something esle to make them so the virus can not
>attack the healty t-cell then infuse them back into ones body to make
>them stronger.also i would like to hear more talk on hiv and what is
>being done on the latest thing being looked onto not much lately has
>been said on the topic and it kinda gets your hope down thank you for
>listening and please fine something soon thank you and keep up the good
>work  all you doctors and comany out there coming out with new drugs to
>at least help us buy some time i hope to see more issues being talked
>about and once again thank you
Have you tried Lots of information about new drugs and
therapies there. good luck.


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