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>> I would like to propose the creation of bionet.hepatitis or 
>> bionet.virus.hepatitis newsgroup.This newsgroup will
>> be devoted to discussion of all kinds of Hepatitis viruses(A,B,C,D,E)

>Even though I work with hepatitis B viruses, I see no reason to
>fractionate the bionet.virology newsgroup; truth be told, there hasn't
>been enough postings regarding these viruses to merit such a group at this
>point in time.



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I agree with you that there hasn't been many posting regarding hepatitis virus
in this news group,but if there is a newsgroup devoted entirely for it either 
for discussion or support for patients I think there will be a great interest 
in this newsgroup.The hep. virus discussions in this newsgroup is sooner
changed to another subject(by the nature of this newsgroup for discussing all 
kinds of viruses)and even some postings are ignored.
I am sure that there are many people out there who would like to see
a newsgroup for hepatitis.DON'T YOU?
send your votes and comments here please.

Abdul W Abdul

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