selcetive elimination of RNA/cDNA

Mick N. Mulders mulders at
Thu Apr 6 09:56:11 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to develop an RT-PCR based assay using broadly reactive
primers, virus species specific.  But there is one virus I *don't* want to
amplify, of which the sequence is known.  Is there a simple way to
selectively eliminate this virus/RNA without losing any sensitivity in
detecting all the others?  E.g. are there primer/probe modifications to be
made, that *covalently* bind to the specific vRNA.  Does a stop of some
kind at the 3'-end of the primer prevent elongation by Taq, even if the
primer has hybridized with a sequence that is being amplified from another
upstream primer?

Help will be appreciated very much.

(please contact me through e-mail too)

Mick (mulders at

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