The HIV/Ebola mistake

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Wed Aug 23 22:22:13 EST 1995

Don Haut (c601591 at wrote:
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: > With all due respect, the experts (that is you virologist-guys), you 
: > didn't see HIV as much of a threat 15 years ago. I pray, that you are 
: > not about to make the same mistake with Ebola. The consequenses would be 
: > too terrifying.

: Actually, most scientist DID understand the HIV threat 15 years ago.  The
: US Gov.  did not see the threats and that is because HIV is mainly
: associated with copulation (in it's many forms).  The US Gov. (like most)
: does not deal with such things well.

: Don

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Anyhow, insidious diseases like TB, leprosy, and AIDS are more dangerous 
than rapidly spreading diseases that tend to die out. As they said in 
DUNE, "the slow blade penetrates the shield."


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