Re Did Vaccines Eliminate Polio

Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at
Fri Dec 15 08:25:30 EST 1995

In article <30cf9220.6486038 at>, 
johnshep at (John Shepard) says:
> The welfare of the
>population is NOT the priority of the companies who supply your
>funding. Money is.
The scientists who carry out research and, in many countries including the 
UK, the doctors who carry out immunisations and provide advice, have no 
connection with industry: they are publicly funded.

> When I was a child, measles was a normal childhood disease.
>The vaccine you've developed has turned it back into a killer.
>Children born of vaccinated parents now MUST be vaccinated, or run 
>the risk of severe problems and even death from measles. This is 

Firstly, measles has always been a killer. Secondly, why is it that children 
of vaccinated parents MUST be vaccinated?

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