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> There are two human viruses that are very, very close in sequence, if not
> identical to SV40. One is called JK virus I think (JC?), the other's name
> escapes me. One infects the kidney, the other infects the brain. Sorry I 
> couldn't be more certain. Maybe someone else here knows.
The human viruses are JC and BK.  Fields' Virology or Fundamental
Virology is a good place to look for info like this.  Also White and
Fenner, Medical Virology, has a new edition out just recently.  

> Then there was also that incident where thousands of people were 
> accidentally infected with SV40 that was a contaminant in monkey 
> kidney-prepared vaccine. So it can infect humans.
Unless I remember it wrong, the point of the SV40 contamination of the
polio vaccine is that in spite of intensive followup, no harm was found
to have come to any of the people who recieved the SV40-contaminated
vacccine lots.  Human cells in culture are semi-permissive for SV40,
they can be transformed but the virus does not replicate.  Further
classic information on this story can be found in Tooze, DNA Tumor
Viruses (Cold Spring Harbor Press).
SV40 grows best in culture in African Green Monkey kidney cells, or
lines derived from same.  
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