Ebola Sudan virus

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>Being a newby, a friend (who is in Nursing) wanted to know about
>The Ebola Sudan virus recently found & named after the river in
>Africa. I tried all the search engines to no avail. Thought I
>would try to ask the World.
>                               Thanks in advance,
>                                               Ben McCormick

    I don't claim to know very much about Ebola Sudan, as I haven't read very
    much on the subject. I have read that the virus has a case-fatality
    rate of 50%--so half of the victims die, and do so quickly.  I've also
    read that the virus is not airborne, but rather is spread through the
    blood.  It is a member of the filovirus family and has a genome of single
    stranded RNA.  That's about all I've read.

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