Info wanted: Guillaume Bare

Jack M. Bernstein, M.D. Bernstein at WSU-ID.Dayton.OH.US
Wed Feb 1 22:39:26 EST 1995

In article <3gafjj$43t at> Rowan Limb <rowan.limb at> writes:
>From: Rowan Limb <rowan.limb at>
>Subject: Info wanted: Guillaume Bare
>Date: 27 Jan 1995 09:49:39 GMT

>I would like any information or pointers on Guillaume Barre. I 
>apologise if this isn't the right place for asking. That's the 
>trouble when you don't really know what you're asking for. If
>there is any info. on thenet, esp. WWW pages I'd like to know.


>Rowan Limb
>rowan.limb at

Check with a WWW browser for Guillain-Barre syndrome, a demyelinating disease 
that is frequently post-infectious.

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