K.S.H.V., the virus that causes AIDS

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> MattyMcD writes:
> >James M. Scutero, proponent of misc.health.aids, wrote many interesting
> >comments regarding the Kaposi Sarcoma herpes-like virus recently
> >identified. Please cite your research conclusively backing up these
> >comments. Thank you.
> >
> >>>[Because it is the cause of immune system breakdown-not HIV.]
> Herpes viruses are cytotoxic lymphotropic viruses that kill more different
> types of immune system cells DIRECTLY than HIV.
Could you please cite in which papers these findings are published? As I
remember, the HSV family viruses are neurotropic not lymphotropic.

[stuff deleted]
> >>>[Then HIV does not cause KS.]
> HIV does not cause KS. If people are developing KS without HIV, then how
> can HIV cause KS? If people are developing KS with intact immune systems,
> how does immune suppression cause KS? Ans: It doesn't.
In which study has it been found that KS develops in people with intact
immune systems? I always thought that before AIDS, KS was 'normally' found
in elderly males.

> >>>On transmission modes-[Casually and through the saliva.]
> Researchers Chang and Moore, the discoverers of K.S.H.V. stated that it
> shares a homology with epstein - barr virus. Epstein - Barr is considered
> to be the cause of infectious mononucleosis (the kissing disease) because
> it is found in saliva. HHV-6A is also found in the saliva.
Although, with the exception of HSV-2, none of the HSV family viruses are
routinely spread by sexual contact. 

> -James M. Scutero, proponent of misc.health.aids.
Good for you.

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