K.S.H.V., the virus that causes AIDS

T.J. Fitzmaurice tjf11 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 11:21:19 EST 1995

In article <3gomuk$hod at panix.com>, James Scutero <jscutero at panix.com> wrote:
>[My comments in brackets.]
>virus that causes AIDS. [This "new" virus has been around for at least
>15 years, but HIV researchers missed it. It took non-HIV researchers
>to find it.]
Could you elaborate on this point, are you indicating that it is another
already characterised herpesvirus (in which case please cite), or stating
that it should have been spotted earlier?

>     Kaposi's sarcoma was once a rare cancer in the United States, but
>for unknown reasons it became epidemic along with AIDS.
>     Scientists have been mystified as to why the cancer has affected
>different populations differently, particularly that it can affect those
>with healthy immune systems. [Because it is the cause of immune system
>breakdown-not HIV.]
Its a localised virus, how does it cause systemic suppression? How
can you ignore the fact that HIV infects and destroys CD4 helper cells,
somewhat of a lynchpin in the Cell-mediated immune response.
Not so long ago I read one of your articles saying that HHV-6 was the cause
of the immune breakdown (I can't remember whether this was your opinion or
whether you were repoering Ms Ostrom?) but how come the change of mind.

>How is K.S.H.V. transmitted? [Casually and through the saliva.]
Again citation please.


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