ebola virus

Matthew Ryckman mryckmn at nudge.io.org
Mon Feb 6 20:19:47 EST 1995

I've seen several messages about people wanting information on the ebola 
virus.  I am also in need of similar information and if anyone knows 
where I can get current information or documents on it.

It's only for a Grade 11 biology project, but I'm having a lot of 
trouble getting information about it.  I've seen a video on the 
outbreaks in Zaire (I think), Marburg Germany, and Reston Virginia.  I 
have not yet read "The Hot Zone" but I do have a copy and I will most 
likely read it sometime soon.

So, again, if anyone has or knows where I can get some information on 
this topic, please e-mail me at:
mryckmn at io.org

Thanks for your time.

Matt Ryckman

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