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>on 7 february 1995, a news report on national public radio 
>stated (very briefly) that there is an avian virus that is 
>killing thousands of chickens in mexico. the report went on 
>to state that this virus could affect spring migrants (avian) 
>as they moved northward to their breeding grounds. the report 
>did not identify this virus nor did it provide any more 
>information. can anyone here confirm this report and (hopefully) 
>provide any further details, such as what the identity of this 
>virus is?

>any information would be appreciated. 

The USDA reports that the virus is a highly pathogenic H5N2 strain of 
avian influenza isolated form flocks on three related premises in 
Tehuacan,Mexico, located 100 miles southeast of Mexico City.  Mexican 
animal health officials believe that the highly pathogenic AI virus may 
have been introduced into comericial poultry by migratory water fowl.  
Donald Luchsinger, acting deputy administrator for veterinary services in 
USDA's Animal and Plant Healh Inspection Service says "We are extremely 
concerned about the presence of this highly pathogenic virus in 
commercial poultry in Mexico and encourage the poultry industry to 
increase biosecurity measures-especially limiting employee travel across 
the US border to work in different hen houses.  We cannot overemphasize 
the importance of on-farm biosecurity while Mexico has this AI virus.  
Even more stringent biosecurity measures will be needed on poultry farms 
in the US this spring when migratory birds begin returning from Mexico."

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