Hot Zone "errors"

parkerbr at parkerbr at
Thu Feb 9 16:11:50 EST 1995

I have no desire to start a flame war here, I agree ( I think I even said this
in the original post) that the book is quite well done considering what could
have been sensationalized with the subject matter. It does present a reasonably
accurate scientific view. The specific inaccuracies elude me. It has been some
time since I read the book. I recall that there was some mention of viruses
bursting through the "cell wall" of human/primate cells. We do not have cell
"walls". Trivial point, but still inaccurate. I also recall being frustrated at
the seemingly interchangeable nature of the names/attributes of the viruses. I
understand that this is not all that easy, but after the author makes a point
to indicate the differences, he then interchanges references to Marburg/Ebola
Zaire/Ebola Sudan to the point that it is a little confusing what to expect. I
also have a vague recollection of discussing the book's semi-inaccurate
reference to the mechanism of viral replication, but I honestly do not remember
the specifics.
Don't flame me, I know the list is short and somewhat trivial. Just responding
to requests.

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