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Judy white Jayton girard schl FTTA28A at prodigy.com
Fri Feb 10 13:53:47 EST 1995

mryckmn at nudge.io.org (Matthew Ryckman) wrote:
>I've seen several messages about people wanting information on the ebola 

>virus.  I am also in need of similar information and if anyone knows 
>where I can get current information or documents on it.
>It's only for a Grade 11 biology project, but I'm having a lot of 
>trouble getting information about it.  I've seen a video on the 
>outbreaks in Zaire (I think), Marburg Germany, and Reston Virginia.  I 

>have not yet read "The Hot Zone" but I do have a copy and I will most 
>likely read it sometime soon.
>So, again, if anyone has or knows where I can get some information on 
>this topic, please e-mail me at:
>mryckmn at io.org


I'm just a Sophomore at Jayton High School, but our debate case deals 
with emerging viruses, especially Ebola.  The Hot Zone is one good place 
to get information (it's where we got over half of ours).  Another good 
book is Emerging Viruses.

Basically, all I know is that Marburg, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire, and Ebola 
Reston are the members of a family called filoviruses.  Ebola Sudan has 
about 50% case mortality, while Ebola Zaire has 90%.  Ebola Reston is so 
closely related to Zaire that some scientists find it hard to tell the 
difference.  The only differences are that Reston doesn't hurt people and 
(they think) Reston is airborne.  If I can help some other way or you can 
help me, drop me a line.

See ya,
J. T. Williams

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