HELP....need info on vaccines suitable for adults, but not children!

Tanya Szesny gaa06 at
Sat Feb 11 00:42:00 EST 1995

I need some info or advice to find out information on a vaccine which uses
an attenuated virus (this can be ANY vaccine) that is fine for use in adults,
but not for infants, children or expecting mothers.
This is an assignment for my Microbiology class, and is due Tues, 2/14/95.
I've looked just about everywhere I can think of, and I'm just short of trying
to call the NPR (National Public Radio) who had origionally broadcast a 
program about AIDS research, AIDS vaccine....and also mentioned that there
are vaccines that exist like the one I described above.
My assignment is to find out if this vaccine (ANY vaccine that is only suitable
for adults) really exists, find the references to this work, and how I can 
contact the individuals who researchd this......

I've tried FirstSearch...Gophers (FTP) library's CD ROM (Journal listings)

I need and gladly welcome ANY advise!!!!

				Please write me at GAA06 at UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU

							THANKS  :)

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