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Here are some of the oldest references that I have in file:

Sanarelli (1986?) suspected a viral etiology for rabbit fibromas and
myxomatosis. At that time Sanarelli was Director of the Institute of
Hygiene in Montevideo, Uruguay. I believe his original article was
published in German. I do not have the exact reference but might be able
to dig it up if you want it. Sanarelli's work was quoted by John
Tooze (DNA Tumor Viruses, Cold Spring Harbor, pp.33, 1980) who provides
the 1896 date but I have reasons to believe that an article may have been
published a few years earlier. 

Rigoni-Stern, D. (1842) Fatti statistici relative alle malatie cancerose. G. 
Serv. Prog. Patol. Terap. 2: 507. (First to indicate that cancer of the 
cervix was related to sexual promiscuity).

McFadyean, J. and Hobday, F. (1898) Note on the experimental transmission 
of warts in dogs. J. Comp. Pathol. Ther. 11: 341. (Cell-free transmission 
of warts in dogs).

Ciuffo, G. Innesto positivo con filtrato di verruca vulgare. G. Ital. 
Mal. Vener. 48: 12. (Cell-free transmission of warts in humans).

A note of caution for your research: the meanings of the words "cancer"
and "virus" have evolved and early references indicating that a "cancer"
could be related to a "virus" may have to be put in perspective respect to
their actual meaning at writing and what we now understand by those

Best wishes!


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