In Vivo Cure for AIDS ???

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Sun Feb 12 00:10:24 EST 1995

I'm in need of some information regarding a bit of documentation I rec'd about
an in vivo cure for AIDS. This information I rec'd pertains to the field of
biomedical electricity/medicine. References include lancet magazine Jul 66 pg
229, 1990 Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Science News Magazine Mar 1991,
among others...the proceedure involves the shocking of the infected person with
approximately 50-100 uAmps of current (DC) which is reported to alter the
protien layers of the HIV in a way as to suggest protease inhibition, thus
preventing the HIV from attatching itself to the T-lymphocytes. I would like
any and all information regarding any research (ongoing or pending) in this
area, as I am studying to be a virologist and have a keen interest in this
field/area of study. 

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