dborden at umassd.edu dborden at umassd.edu
Mon Feb 13 23:53:13 EST 1995

  I have read alot of the messages posted about the book The Hot Zone, and I
am am going to buy The Coming Plauge.  But what I really want to know is how
real is the threat of this Ebola virus wiping out, basically, human kind the 
way we know it.  Becuase to tell you the truth it kinda scares me.  I could
really care less about how inacurate the scientific part of this book was, 
what i really care about is how true to life is the threat of this virus???
I did kinda shook me up a bit reading this story, (i am a little of half the
way though), to tell you the truth when i read the first chapter, picturingin my mind what the death of someone with this disease looks like allmost made me
blow gears.  

	All I want to know is, could this virus have a legitimate chance of 
taking out ninty percent of the population?  And someone told me that this 
virus could be man-made, how possible is that?  


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