Forget Ebola-what about the flu?

Steve Quan squan at
Wed Feb 15 15:01:17 EST 1995

Just your pesky amateur again.  I'm wondering about all the fuss over 
Ebola.  We all know I'm not a scientist and may be way off base here - 
But, the little I've read implies that Ebola is not airborne(except for 
the type that took out the monkeys -and only the monkeys- in The Hot 
Zone).  So, as horrible and deadly as it is, doesn't that make it more 
difficult to "catch?"  I was wondering if it isn't more likely that the 
next big threat would be more flu-like.  Isn't that a virus that mutates 
every year?  Given enough time couldn't it mutate into something 
really new? Added to the enormous amount of modern travel it would 
certainly spread quickly.

So, am I even close?  Thanks for your patience.

-Mo Quan

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