Forget Ebola-what about the flu?

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>>Isn't that a virus that mutates every year?  
>Not sure...let me check my calendar ;-) 
>Variations which arise to present as "new" or "novel" to one's immune
>system occurs all the time...not just on an annual cycle as you might
>> Given enough time couldn't it mutate into something really new? 
>Define what you mean by "really new" - more pathogenic, broadened host
>range, new or different tissue tropism?????
>>Added to the enormous amount of modern travel it would certainly 
>Not just influenza but all infectious agents which do not require a
>specific vector for transmission (eg. insect, 
>dissemination through technology.
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AAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!  Now I have even more questions.  Oh well.....
-Mo Quan

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