Hantavirus on Navaho Reervation

AlW1 alw1 at aol.com
Sun Feb 19 16:30:34 EST 1995

I found a reference for the hantavirus. It says the hantavirus is a member
of a family of viruses known for a long period in Asia and Europe.
Apparently it first became recognized as a health threat when one strain
of hantavirus caused Hemorrhagic Fever in soldiers in the Hantaan area of
Korea in the 1950's. The carriers in the US are the deer mouse and the
cotton rat. The rodents become infected and shed the virus in droppings,
saliva and urine. Infection comes from ingesting contaminated foods, or
touching the infected material and then touching your nose, mouth or eyes.

This information, and more, is in a pamphlet on the Hantavirus put out by
d-Con. They have a hantavirus helpline at 1-800-395-3266. They can provide
you with pamphlets and more information. 

Al Wagener V.M.D.

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