PCR contamination

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Mon Feb 20 03:48:58 EST 1995

> From:          CCalisher at VINES.COLOSTATE.EDU ("Charles H 
 Subject:       PCR contamination

> Contamination of PCR assays is old news.  I am not interested in 
the O.J. > Simpson trial or in the price of sugar in Rumania.  It 
would be useful if J. > Scutero would answer the question I asked, 
rather than one I did not ask.

Seconded!  If J Scutero - proponent of 
misc.health.aids.anti-HHV.propaganda - would actually develop a 
thesis rather than simply quoting wildly from papers, it might be 
more interesting and more enlightening.  All he has done now is show 
he can use a paper/bibliographic retrieval system.  I fhe really 
doesn't like a herpesvirus as possible cause of KS, let him explain 
why without the leaps of faith he normally indulges in to "prove" 
a point.
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