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Tyler Laing aq799 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sun Feb 19 21:39:04 EST 1995

Hi, I am a High School Student in Canada working on a Biology Project
for school... I was hoping that if I asked a few questions here someone
may be able to answer some of them :

1) Describe the structure and reproduction of viruses. (Lysogenic and lytic

2) Describe natural, artifical and preventative defences against viral 

3) Differentiate between bacterial and viral modes of infections.

4) Describe the bacteriophage (the bacterial viruses).  Discuss the phages
and bacteria in terms of :
        A) Charateristics of bacteriophages
        B) Effect of phages on bacteria
        C) Theraputic users of phages (biengineering, trangenics).

I would appreacheate any help with these questions (answers, pointers to
sites on the internet, etc.).  And if you are replying can you please include
a first and last name, title, and where you work/what makes you an 
authority. I am asking for this information because I will want to include
you as a source in my biblography.

Thank you very much (in advance)

Tyler Laing                                    E-Mail : Laing at

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