Comscience Immune System

Peter D'Auria v086l9b5 at
Mon Feb 20 10:11:05 EST 1995

I am a student of my body and look to its structure for information on aspects
of nature and chaos.  My thoughts on it mingle with ideas of hidden higher life
forms.  IUm very interested in the evolutionary complexity and astuteness of
certain parasites and communicable diseases.
I was greatly interested in an articale I read some time ago (sorry that
I've now missplaced it - and cannot refer to it here) that discussed the human
immune system as having a consciousness.  The ideas in this article seemed very
progressive to me and approached the sytem of virus attack and defense as an
almost intelecual battle of information.  I was wondering if any readers had
more infromation on this concept they would care to share.    Thanks in advance

Andrea Mancuso/Peter D'Auria     "Nature Abhors a Vacuum"            yir

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