Cambodian Virus

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Fri Feb 24 19:51:00 EST 1995

On 24 Feb 1995, Dr Michael J Carter wrote:

> The Doctor diagnosed what he referred to as "CAmbodian virus"
> and said this would cause relapsing bouts of recurrent fever, each of
> decreasing severity. About 3 could be expected, maybe more.
> Whilst I have heard of animal viruses causeing these recurrent waves through
> antigenic drift during persistence, I am not aware of a human
> example cut quite so clearly.

Herpes simplex II (and I?) follows the recurrent wave pattern.  The first 
expression is usually the worst and longest lasting.  Those that follow 
become less intense and with a longer latency period between bouts until, 
if you are one of the lucky ones, it never recurs again.  Otherwise, 
after a variable period of latency, it can re-express, even years later, 
and be rather mild when it does.  In both cases, of course, it remains 
within the body.

> What is this Cambodian virus? Hanta? Arena?

This one I haven't heard of before so I can't halp you here.


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