Solicited advice

Bruce Phillips bap at MED.PITT.EDU
Sun Feb 26 15:44:57 EST 1995

	In response to an inquiry concerning what to consider in choosing a
graduate program in Virology:

	(1)  A program offering a full complement of courses in the areas
of Molecular Biology/Biochemistry/Genetics,

	(2)  A sufficient number of faculty from which to choose a research
advisor and project coincident, more or less, with your current interest.

	(3)  Most importantly, a program in which you can accumulate as many
research tools as possible during your attainment of a Ph.D. degree.  Just
as a good carpenter must have the tools and knowhow to make any number of 
different construction projects, you should do the same.  And when you go
on to a post-doc position, the strategy should be to add additional tools and
techniques to the toolbox.  It is naive to think that you will know with
certainty, at this time, what kind of research you will be doing 8-10 years
from now- the goal should be to prepare yourself for as many options as possible

	Best regards.  Good luck.

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