virus purification needed

Mon Feb 27 09:00:25 EST 1995

I have been assigned a task to isolate the DNA from a circovrus.  I have
tried a few protocols  but nothing has seemed to work.  I would like some
information on DNA isolation techniques for ssDNA and possibly dsDNA from
virus.  Basically what I have done so far is to isolate the avian genomic
DNA in hopes that the smaller  2kb viral genome comes with it. I have had
no success as yet.  I posted this query to molbio.methods-reagents and
came up with a Hirt extraction.  Haven't tries the Hirt yet,  but will
this morning.  Another question I have is what would be the difference
between Proteinase K and Pronase ?

Thanks for any help 

Alan Shore  Univ. of Cincinnati

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