HIV and insects and HOT ZON question

Ali Karami ali at
Mon Feb 27 07:28:47 EST 1995

Dear virologist :

Is it possible that  insect like mosquto, sand fly or any other insects
HIV virus from one person to other?  and how long HIV can survive in different
 insects ? what about aerosols, from HIV  positive person to others ?
 and about this Hot ZON ,  It is very  unusual to mee that an Expert in Level
 4 biohazard  for checking contamination of cell culture tries to  check the
 smell of the culture by opening the top  ??? in  biohazard lab to see if ther
 is any bacteriial contamination like pseudomonas ????  I thought they are
 using Antibiotics for preventing  growth of bacteria ???? but even this hapens
 sample from ebola infected monky ???? openng the top of culture and check
 it by nose ????? My god !!!! how can they do that ??? Cant just they culture
 from that tube to bacterial  culture medium or just  check it by microscope
 for contamination?? 

 Just asking

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