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> >scary and needed for attention. But doesn't something else like all 
> >those STD's need more attention? I just read about herpes simplex viruses 
> >type I and II, for example, from books and this bio-internet that more 
> >than 85% of adults in U.S have this virus, and once you contract the 
> >virus, it will become your permanent "houseguest" and never leaves. So, Are 
> >this type of STD (HSV I) and possibly serious neonatal infections actually 
> >more scary than Ebola viruses? At least Ebola viruses are not one of the STD's? 
> >
> Ebola is an STD.  It moves/multiplies very VERY fast so I do not think that
> one would be, "in the mood."  But if so, Ebloa attacks the reproductive glands
> of males with a special vigor.
> >Jackson
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> >P.S. How much is "The Coming Plague?" I plan to buy one, but having 
> >trouble of locating one. I have heard it is a very hot book right now. 
> >Must be!
> >
> The Coming Plague, Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance:
> by Laurie Garrett. Farrar, Straus and Giroux; New York. $25.00 Hardcover
> ISBN # 0-374-12646-1
> Jim
O.K. Maybe I need to know more about the Ebola viruses before I can give 
a more correct comment. However, from what I know and what I have asked 
from couple of my professors, the answers they gave me varied. Although 
both told me that the Ebola viruses are mainly transmitted by aerosol 
(you cannot argue about this), one told me Ebola COULD be a STD; the 
other firmly said no. That is why you could see the words "space suits" 
all over the front pages of "The Hot Zone." I am a very curious person, 
although I am not particularly interested in and working much with the 
viruses, where did you get the info about Ebola as one of the STD? From 
"The Hot Zone" or "The Plague." General microbiology texbooks do not tell 
me much about the viruses.
Secondly, I think I need to make myself more clear when I talked about 
the STD's being scary things. I meant, well, since Ebola viruses kill 
people fast, the chance of other people contracting the viruses is actually 
slimmer than contracting the HIV or HSV I and/or II (let us forget about 
the aerosol transmission for a moment). Because at least people who 
unfortunately contracted the Ebola viruses would not possibly get a 
chance to become active or passive carriers and "running around" showing 
no symptoms at all. Something else like HIV and HSV, could you actually 
tell who have the viruses and who don't. And Anything like Ebola which 
really cause some real nasty diseases and consequences (i.e Ebola 
hemorrhagic fever) in just a few days, could you not say now that Ebola 
are not as scary as STD's in a sense? By the way, thanks for the info on 
"The Coming Plague." Really appreciate it.


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