Angelika M Longacre longacre at selway.umt.edu
Tue Feb 28 19:52:15 EST 1995

Your comment that organisms which kill 90% of its hosts are adapting to 
their hosts implies that eventually, the organism will become less 
virulent.  I wonder if you are aware of the book "Evolution of Infectious 
Disease" written by Paul W. Ewald which addresses the holes in the 
well-accepted notion that parasites and hosts evolve toward 
coexistence.  Also, as one example of a parasite which has been found to 
be more virulent to its natural host, I refer you to 
Ebert, Dieter. 1994. Virulence and Local Adaptation of a Horizontally 
Transmitted Parasite. Science. 265:1084-1086.
I think it is important to address the possibility that the potential for 
a disease that could devastate human populations is real and we should be 
discussing our role in promoting the emergence of these diseases. 
I refer mainly to our encroachment upon previously unpopulated, or 
unfarmed lands.

Angelika Longacre

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