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Robert Berry rberry at
Thu Jan 5 16:17:21 EST 1995

In <3edpfa$nsu at>, Dr Michael J Carter <bss1mc at> writes:
>Could a selection of the most relevant messages be added
>to the FAQs?

I'd say that's a good idea.  I'm yet another newcomer to this newsgroup
who just finished Preston's book, and I'm not surprised that it's
generating a lot of traffic that might be tiresome to people who
have other things to discuss on this group.

Ebola just seems so science-fictional that it's very compelling; I've
found myself wanting to find more to read about it, almost just to
convince myself that Preston really didn't make it all up.  I think
it would be great if someone "in the know" would put together a FAQ,
or a list of pointers to other source, for those of us who want to
know more about filoviruses and such.

Robert Berry

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