Small pox

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Thu Jan 19 14:30:19 EST 1995

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louise graham (microbio)) writes: 

>Steve Quan (squan at wrote:
>: The only reservoir (i.e. place where it hides or
>replicates/infects) for the smallpox virus is humans.  So basically if 
>human was inadvertently carrying the virus (even if they don't show any
>signs of the disease) some close content would have come up with the
>disease long ago.  Because the signs of infection for smallpox are so
>disgustingly obvious and there have been no reported cases world wide 
>twenty years, one can make a 99% sure statement that the virus has been
>removed entirely from the human population.   

Thanks for answer.  I never knew that humans were the only host and so 
now it all makes sense.  By the way, this is Mo, Steve's wife.

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