prion disease and nerve-gas

William Harry harry at AUDRE.COM
Fri Jul 14 18:43:09 EST 1995

I was living in Germany a couple of years ago at the time of the
Rinderwahnsinn ("mad cow disease") scare and I recall reading
at the time in the German media about a British veterinarian who
had treated infected animals using a therapy effective in certain
cases involving nerve-gas poisoning (chelated calcium or some such
as I vaguely recall.)  This therapy resulted, allegedly, in significant
improvement up to and including complete remission of symptoms.  This
result, I also recall, was suppressed by the British health authorities.
( I don't recall whether the Official Secrets Act was invoked.)
These media reports brought to mind other sources which I read
several years ago according to which large tracts of land in north/central
England had been long-teerm contaminated as the result of
chemical/biological weapons testing.  The coincidence caused me to
wonder whether there mightn't be an intrinsic connection.  Can anyone
shed some light?

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