AIDS/STD info please!

Peter Patal ppatal at
Wed Jul 19 00:37:10 EST 1995

I am a 4th year Zoology student interested in learning more about AIDS
and other STD's.
The type of information I'm looking for is:
        - cause (viral or bacterial)
        - specific host cells, areas of infection
        - resulting conditions, symptoms, treatments available
        - means of detection
        - other means of transmission besides sexual.
        - effective means of prevention (condom use)
        - Anything else you know about the disease!

I would also accept references which contain the information I seek.

I'd also like some feedback from people who have read the book or seen 
the movie "And
the Band Played On".

Please send me the infomation by email if possible, because I may forget
to save a post to the newsgroup after I've read it.

Thank You. Any information sent is greatly appreciated.

Daywin Patel  

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