RNA Viruses:regulation of (+)/(-)strand synthesis; discussion on???

vpboy at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu vpboy at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Wed Jul 19 18:18:43 EST 1995

Hi, my name is Vitaly P. Boyko.
I would like to start discussion on regulation of plus and minus
strand synthesis of positive sense RNA viruses. I have some data 
(computer predictions and experimental) that there is a possibility of 
another viral protein that is required for efficient transcription of 
internal genes in (+)RNA viruses. This protein could be an in-frame 
part of POL domain protein like nsP4 in alphaviruses or 183K protein 
in tobamoviruses. 
I am ready to present my data and to exchange any info on that matter. 


Vitaly P. Boyko, Ph.D. "VIROLOGY"

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