let's get a virus FAQ going

Ed Rybicki ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Mon Jul 24 02:31:55 EST 1995

> From:          austin at netcom.com (Tommy Beach)
> Subject:       let's get a virus FAQ going

> I think a FAQ should be created for this group.  I went to: news.answers
> and I couldn't find one so I suspect one hasn't been created.
> I personally feel an FAQ should cover the following:
> What is a virus? 
> Are viruses alive?
> What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium?
> Can you be cured of a virus by any medical means?
> What is an inoculation and how does it work?
> What is influenza?
> Do flu shots work?
> How do you know if you have a virus?
> What is a retro-virus?
> What is a level I, II, III, IV virus?
> Can viruses be put to good use?
> I would be willing to put it together but I am not a virologist.  To do
> it right, a virologist would have to either put it together or cross
> check my work.  Perhaps others could contribute to this thread any
> questions they may feel a FAQ should have regarding viruses.

Please no!  There ARE FAQs on virology: they are called textbooks, 
and it AMAZING how much information you can get from one...not too 
interactive, and not on-line (except for my approach to an electronic 
text at http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/ed/virtut1.html, or Alan Cann's 
at http://www-micro.msb.le.ac.uk/), BUT available at your public 
library, or even University or school library!!  THERE IS NO NEED for 
a FAQ on something that you can get out of even an elementary 
microbiology text, let alone a virology text.  Have recourse to print 
FIRST before going electronic sometimes...!

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