Idea for Ebola Vaccine

Sean Stevens stevens at
Wed Jul 26 15:34:01 EST 1995

Dave Peters <dpeters> wrote:
>I've been wondering....
>Could the Reston form of Ebola somehow be the key to a vaccine for the 
>deadly Ebola Zaire virus? Edward Jenner used the cowpox virus to make a 
>vaccine for the similar smallpox virus. Could the Reston form of Ebola 
>that does not affect humans somehow be used to vaccinate people against 
>Ebola Zaire? Please post your comments.

I am not entirely sure where I read this, but I recall that the sera 
from the Reston-exposed workers in the infamous 'Hot Plague' book were
ineffective at neutralizing any other forms of Ebola in vitro. Since 
this was a non-scientific account there was no mention of references, 
and so forth. Anyone else recall this?

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