Ebola Reston Monkey house demolition on May 30

Ted Phillips phillipst at bah.com
Thu Jun 1 17:38:34 EST 1995

In article <3qfsdp$gjc at hq.hq.af.mil>, <hamillm at comm.hq.af.mil> writes:
> Pals Early Learning Center. which rents space on nearby Sunset Hills Road,
> will be building on the site.  The site will be demonished down to the 
> I happen to know these things because my daughter attends the day care 
> Fortunately, there is no risk that the virus remains so the children will
> be absolutely safe.
I believe they started demolition today.  There were folks outside digging 
holes to sever the utility lines.  No heavy equipment yet, but this should 
follow in a few days.  This could really tie up traffic in the neighborhood 
until it gets finished.

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