graduate research assistantship

Bruse S. Seal bseal at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Fri Jun 2 08:43:31 EST 1995

I have money for a graduate research assistantship through the Department 
of Medical Microbiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the 
University of Georgia at the MS or entry PhD level. The project involves 
examing virulent exotic Newcastle disease virus isolates by RT-PCR 
coupled to automated nucleotide sequencing correlated to standard 
pathotyping assays.

The student must apply and be accepted to the graduate school and 
Department of Medical Microbiology at UGA. Funding is through grant funds 
with liberal supply and travel money. Student support will be via a 
research support agreement between the USDA and UGA. The standard 
graduate stipend will be available with tuition waiver.

For further information please contact me at:

Bruce S. Seal, PhD
Southeast Poultry Research Lab, USDA
934 College Station Rd.
Athens, GA  30605
706-546-3463 or -3434 (ph) -3161 (fax)
bseal at

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