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  >Hello all,
  >    I am currently writing a paper for school on some of the killer
  >viruses. I have heard about something called "GAYA OR GIA OR MABE GAEA"
  >rism. I'm obviously not sure of the spelling, however the gist of
  >it is that when the world becomes over populated or over taxed it will
  >essentilly fight back. Through viruses or what ever other means
  >necessary. If any of this rings a bell with anyone, please post the
  >ect spelling of it and maybe a source of info.
  >hank you, T.Page at
I'm not a virologist or a student so I'm here under false pretenses.
Actually thought I might pick something up re: chronic fatigue
syndrome...thought by some to begin following a virus caused illness.  Anyway
    what I know about natures "fighting back" may interest you,
although it's thought of as a last ditch species survival technique.
Two animals that I've read about have "die-offs" when their population
reaches a high density.  Animals are suddenly found dead in large
numbers for no apparent reason. Body weight is small and there appears
to be some abnormality in the adrenal glands.  These species are
deer(whitetail) and rabbits(don't know what kind). Also a famous study
on rat overpopulation showed that instincts seem to change...mating
rituals, and parental care of infants...comes to mind.  sorry no references
but read this under either "stress control" or "ethology" topics.
Apparently this is a means *within the species* of adapting population
levels to what the environment can carry. Question: If a species had a
system of lowering its' resistance to disease in service of the
greater good of lowering its' population to the food supply how would
a virologist discover this?  Theres a certain danger in specialization.
    hope this helps
    BTW I had a severe viral bronchitis picked up in the Himalayas 6-7
years ago and have had chronic fatigue ever since. Currently trying Tx
for fibromyalgia but don't feel hopeful. Any ideas sent to my box will
be greatly appreciated.


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