Seeking info on plague theory

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Sun Jun 4 20:20:44 EST 1995

Christopher Haley ( at wrote:
: Hello all,
:     I am currently writing a paper for school on some of the killer
: viruses. I have heard about something called "GAYA OR GIA OR MABE GAEA"
: theorism. I'm obviously not sure of the spelling, however the gist of
: it is that when the world becomes over populated or over taxed it will
: essentilly fight back. Through viruses or what ever other means
: necessary. If any of this rings a bell with anyone, please post the
: correct spelling of it and maybe a source of info.

: Thank you, T.Page at

The theory is the "Gaia" theory, and it is a New Age religious theory 
that the earth is a living being, and when we irritate it, it fights back.

In my view, this does not belong on any conference dedicated to 
discussion anything related to science or common sense, but more on 
those conferences dedicated to people who believe that they are from an 
alien planet.

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