Ebola's natural reservoir

Mchristi mchristi at aol.com
Mon Jun 5 19:43:20 EST 1995

One idea recently occured to me.  Richard Preston reports that many
animals and insects have been tested for being carriers of Ebola and
Marburg, but no carrier was found, except several larger animals (big cats
and elephants, I recall being among them) were not tested.  But could it
be possible that we should also look to smaller than insect size, like
bacteria or other microscopic or single celled organisms?  Can microbes be
natural carriers for viruses?

I'm no professional (at least not in the realm of health issues), just
interested and currious.  If you could respond by email as well as a post,
I would appreciate it, as I don't get to read this group all that often.


Mark C. Christianson
christm at aol.com

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