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> Subject:       REQ for info on virology

> I am considering virolology as a career, and was wondering what options
> are out there within virology.  Is it basically research, or are there
> other branches that involve more?
> I was also wondering what schooling was required for positions in virology.
> I am a Junior working toward a bachelor's in Biology, and am planning to
> go on to graduate school, but where do I go from there?

Quotable Quote:

"The starting point for anyone interested in virology is the undergraduate biology major.
Then there is a fork in the road at which the person chooses to seek a degree from a
medical school or veterinary school or to enter a Ph.D program in virology per se. Either
way you go, I can say "it's a wonderful life". "

- Access Excellence's interview with Frederick Murphy 

Who could say more?  If you want to earn more money and have more 
opportunities in the field, do a medical / veterinary degree first 
(you can then do clinical practice); if you are more pure of heart, 
do a basic science degree then follow the research route.  You won't 
ever get rich, and you'll struggle for a decent job in the filed,'s fun.  And that's why most of us do it, whatever we say.

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