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Mon Jun 12 11:42:17 EST 1995

George A. Eby III <73700.2627 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>The CURE FOR COMMON COLD has been patented.  

>	Published technical information sources available 
>include: (a) Peer reviewed journal of Pharmacy Technology article 
>entitled "Dose-Response Linearity in Dose Response from Zinc 
>Lozenges in Treatment of Common Colds" published June 9, 1995, by 
>Harvey Whitney Book Company, Cincinati, Ohio.  (b) book article 
>entitled "The Zinc Lozenge and Common Cold Story" in Metal-
>Ligand Interactions in Biological Fluids: Bioinorganic Medicine, 
>volume 2, pages 1182-1190, edited by Guy Berthon PhD, Research 
>Director INSERM Unit 305, Toulouse, France, published in June of 
>1995 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. of New York, and (c) Handbook for 
>Curing the Common Cold - The Zinc Lozenge Story (ISBN 
>0-9638967-0-9) published by George Eby Research, Austin, Texas.

Have statistically significant clinical studies been conducted?  If so, where?  Who is 
the manufacturer of this product? 

>Although product development is essentially complete, until a US 
>FDA New Drug Application is approved, these patented COLD CURE 
>throat lozenges are available only to pharmacists and physicians, 
>and medical and pharmacology researchers at government, corporate 
>and private research centers.

This statement is misleading. This product MAY be available IF an IND application is on 
file with FDA and they have found no risk to human subjects. In that case, the product 
would only be available for use in clinical evaluation through approved investigators.

No offense, but I seriously doubt that this product is anywhere near the point where it 
could be considered a commercially viable project.

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