First EM photo of HIV on the internet!

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Tue Jun 13 17:38:12 EST 1995

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tmiller at (Todd Miller - Pharmacology) writes:
>	The reason I ask is that I have been told that the
>reason there are no EM's of HIV isolated on sucrose gradients
>is because the material is not "pretty" and would not get by
>the reviewers, who are often kind of picky about EM's.  If
>this picture is from material isolated on sucrose gradients,
>has the person who provided it tried to publish it?
>	Thanks for any further information.
>Todd Miller, PhD

Your contention that an EM photo of HIV is only valid if it is obtained
from material isolated on sucrose gradients is a ridiculous argument.
I will provide you with that information when you get off of your ass
and provide an EM photo of a particle of "cellular debris" that is 
between 110nm-120nm in diameter, has a conical protein core and has
particles on its envelope that look similar to gp120. If the picture
that I provided is just common "cellular debris" then the literature
should be littered with them. Tell me, Todd, what do you call the
pictures in Virology 189:700 (1992)?

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