Aussy Oil/ E.Coli-Help w/Ratio PLS?

estefania 72734.1352 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jun 14 03:13:06 EST 1995

I have been researching Australian tea tree oil- aka melaleuca 
alterniflora - and the research says that it is effective against 
E.Coli bacteria and about 360 other viral infectious microorganisms.

I have a well in Mexico which is down hill from a building that was 
used by 17 workers for six or seven years, and the water is full of 
E.Coli and other things. I want to try this tea tree oil and have 
read that the ratio is 40 to 1 though it is shown to be effective at
ratios of 200 to one.

Being that I was smoking dope and listening to Jimmy Hendricks 
during my algebra class in 1968, I am in need of help with the 
actual amount needed.

My well is 10 feet across, and 35 feet deep. The water ranges from 0
to 18 feet in depth, depending on the season.

What is the mathematical formula for determining how many gallons we
have? Then in a dilution of 50 to 1,  what is the amount that I need
to buy? Most often, tea tree oil is used as an essential oil, so the
normal amounts are in drops. So does that mean, 50 drops of water to
one drop of tea tree oil? and how does that convert to gall 

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